ADD/ADHD Evaluation & Management

Welcome to Forest Pediatrics, where we “pay attention” to our clients. The physicians at Forest Pediatrics are very comfortable diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with ADHD.

If you are concerned that your child may have ADD or ADHD, please call for an appointment. Making an appointment for a consultation does not guarantee that your child will receive a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Your child will not be prescribed medication for ADD or ADHD unless our physicians confirm a diagnosis and feel that medication is necessary.

Diagnosis is made through a combination of teacher and parent rating scales, detailed interviews with the parents and the child or adolescent. Quotient computerized testing is also used as an important tool to help correlate symptoms and to manage medication dosing response. Patients are treated with medication if a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD is made. Behavior therapy may also be recommended depending on your child’s age. Our patients that we treat for ADD or ADHD are some of our most satisfied clients. Both the patients and their family and friends are usually very pleased with the positive changes that can often be seen immediately in their everyday lives.


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